Хранително-вкусова промишленост

Photo: Хранително-вкусова промишленост

Technology (flotation unit) marketed under the AS-FLOT (flotation) trade name can be used to treat wastewater from the food-processing industry. The AS-FLOT (flotation) technology can be employed for the treatment of wastewater from the meat-processing industry, slaughterhouses, dairies, cheese plants, breweries, and plants processing vegetable oil and animal fat.

In particular, the AS-FLOT technology can be used in various branches, namely:

  • Meat processing industry
  • Breweries
  • Cattle slaughtering
  • Fish processing
  • Dairies
  • Production of potato chips, etc.
  • Cheese plants

The principle of the AS-FLOT technology is based on a separation process that is employed to separate dispersed particles from a liquid. During flotation, pollution particles accumulate with air micro-bubbles producing flotation foam, which is lighter than water. The foam rises to the flotator level, from where it is withdrawn to a storage tank.

Wastewater contains specific dissolved organic pollution that is manifested in high concentrations of the BOD5, COD, extractable substance, and solid substance indicators. The temperature also shows high fluctuations, mainly in water from meat production.

Depending on the requirements for output parameters, we are able to design, deliver, and ensure the assembly and operation of not only mechanical pre-treatment, but also biological after-treatment. Biological after-treatment is applied in cases when water should be released into a recipient.

Sewage is not subject to mechanical pre-treatment - flotation. After separate mechanical pre-treatment, it is directly routed to the activation part of the WWTP.

Selected references

Investor Location Capacity Q (m3/day) 
Kostelecké uzeniny,a.s Kostelec u Jihlavy, CZ  900
Masná výroba Josef Filák Horní Lideč, CZ   120
MAKOVEC a.s. Držovice, CZ   90
MASO V + W, s.r.o   Krnov, CZ  20
MVDr. Jaromír Steinhauser  Brno, CZ  76
ABOLIV  Mihai Viteazu, RO   80
Drůbeží polotovary    NANJUK Kolarovo, BG 40
SVAMAN, s.r.o.  Myjava, SK    210
Řeznictví  František Šutera Olešnice, CZ   45
Gordon Prod   Bisericani, RO    90
Drůbež CZ, s.r.o.  Kunštát na Moravě, CZ 55
Masna Příbram, spol. s r.o.  Příbram, CZ   800
Mlékárna Hlinsko  Hlinsko, CZ    700
Jatka Poběžovice  Poběžovice, CZ  75


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