The septic tanks (plastic tanks) of ASIO, spol. s r.o. are made by welding structural elements and boards made of integral polypropylene or polyethylene and their copolymers, both homogeneous as well as lightweight. At the customer’s request, the plastic tanks may be equipped with technological partitions or various technological openings for the connection of pipelines. Septic tanks are normally designed as closed tanks with a non-supporting plastic lid or with a cast-iron cover suitable for walking on. The plastic tanks may be produced as food-grade tanks enabling contact with food. The septic tanks are waterproof, as defined by ÈSN 75 0905. The structural design and static verification of plastic tanks are based on the modern calculation method of end elements.

Septic tanks and their advantages

  • Low weight
  • High chemical resistance
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation
  • Possibility to interconnect more tanks
  • Individual dimensions on request
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Easy hygienic maintenance
  • Resistant to aggressive water

Individual types of tanks and their identification

Underground plastic tanks. AS-PP Septic tanks
  • ER septic tank - square
  • EP septic tank - cylindrical
AS-TANK double-jacketed plastic tanks

AS-PP Septic Tanks

Square and cylindrical septic tanks

The septic tanks are designed in accordance with ČSN 75 64 02 as two- and three-chamber models. The offered septic tanks are intended for 5 - 20 persons. The septic tanks are made by welding structural boards and wall elements made of polypropylene. The tanks can be used after obtaining the prior consent of the Environmental Dept. of the relevant District Office through water rights proceedings.


Type Useful volume External dimensions Weight
[m 3 ] L x W x H [mm] [Kg]
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - ER 5 4,6 3000x1160x2080 560
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - ER 10 6,2 4000x1160x2080 710
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - ER 12 8,7 4160x1500x2080 840
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - ER 15 10,8 3500x2160x2080 910
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - ER 20 14,1 4500x2160x2080 1 110


Type Useful volume External dimensions Weight
[m 3 ] D1 x D2 x H [mm] [kg]
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - EO 5 4,7 1900x2040 290
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - EO 10 6,9 2300x2040 380
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - EO 12 8,1 1600x1900x2040 450
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - EO 15 11,6 2100x2100x2040 680
AS-PP SEPTIC TANK - EO 20 13,9 2300x2300x2040 790