Its application limits the occurrence of foul odours, but it also reduces the volume of sludge, which is reflected in a considerable extension of the faecal matter removal interval.
In addition, this agent ensures a very efficient degradation of organic fat in sewage systems.

Instructions for use

Dose 0.25 l of the agent in a WC bowl and drain or directly into a sump. Repeat this procedure 3-5 times (depending on the level of contamination) at weekly intervals. Then you need only apply the above-stated quantity once a month. In the case of a strong contamination, it is appropriate to increase the dosage, especially the initial ones (overdosing the agent does not have a negative, but only a positive impact on the operation of the system). To increase the effect, at the start of the dosing you can mix the content of the sump with the dose of the agent.


The enzymatic agent must not be used for other purposes than those for which it has been designed.
Do not use together with disinfection agents and caustic substances!
The supplier is not liable for damage cause by incorrect use of the product.

Safety measures

When working with the AS-AKTIV enzymatic agent, do not eat, drink, or smoke! Wear protective gloves and clothing.
Afterwards, wash your hands with soap and water.

First aid measures

In the case of contact with skin, wash the affected place with soap and rinse with water. If the agent comes in contact with the eyes, rinse them with a stream of water and consult a physician if you experience difficulties. In the case of accidental swallowing, rinse your mouth with water, drink a larger quantity of water, and consult a physician.

Guarantee period

At least 6 months from the production date; store in a cold and dark place out of reach of children. Possible sediments will not affect the product quality.