Power Plant Chemistry

Power plant chemistry is a term that includes water preparation, corrosion, fatigue, and the service life of materials under the influence of chemical admixtures in the steam circuits of conventional and nuclear power plants, steam production, and the chemical cleaning of water and steam circuits.

In this field, ASIO, spol. s.r.o. can offer its customers the preparation of expert opinions, consulting services, analyses, studies and projects, audits, and preparation of operating rules for:
• Chemical cleaning, boiling passivation
• Water preparation, proposing and verifying conditioning preparations - biocides, antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, etc.
• Verifying the operational efficiency and economy of the chemical preparation of water, condensate treatment, and heat treatment of water
• Optimization of the chemical regimes of boilers and cooling circuits
• Water regime optimization
• Measurement of corrosion in water circuits, analysis of sediments from the water circuit, incl. recommendations for proper operation
• Evaluation of the suitability of existing metallurgy for optimum operations
• Optimization of the consumption of chemicals
• Design of an economical solution, technological diagram, operation parameters, and operation mode.

Application in the following branches:
• Chemical water preparation plants in the power industry, refineries, metallurgy, and other heavy industries
• Heating plants
• Power plants.