Плавателен съд за отделяне на биомаса

Removal of biomass from a water surface with the use of a VESSEL SEPARATING BIOMASS PARTICLES

The vessel for separating biomass particles from the water surface is used to remove biomass from the water surface.


For this technology, a non-chemical biomass removal principle is used, namely mechanical separation.


This technology is based on the collection of biomass from the water surface and the separation of biomass particles on a mechanical filter; biomass contains a large quantity of nutrients that would otherwise settle in the form of organic compounds in the bottom sediment.


Filtered water may be further treated before being released back to the reservoir, using another technology based on a physical principle that destroys, for example, cyanobacteria that have passed through the filter. Extracted cyanobacteria are stored in the vessel in a container that is unloaded on the bank and handed over for environmentally friendly disposal.


This technology does not add any foreign substances to water and the entire principle is very environmentally friendly. The removal of biomass from water reservoirs reduces the amount of potential nutrients in sediments.