Growing cities are more and more frequently facing the problem of draining rainwater from consolidated surfaces at their peripheries. The small diameters of sewerage pipelines or insufficient capacity of the channels of local recipients make it impossible to drain the required quantities of fallen rainwater with sufficient speed. A refurbishment of the sewerage system or adaptation of recipient channels is very costly and sometimes infeasible from the technical point of view.

Main advantages of the AS-NIDAPLAST system:
  • Available storage capacity: 95%
  • Small excavations required
    - e.g., a space under the car park can be used
  • Low handling weight
    - easy manual handling by 2 persons
  • Sufficient strength and resistance to vehicular traffic

Technical data:
Material: PP
Dimensions: block 2,400 x 1,200 x 520 mm
Channel diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 42 kg/m 3
Storage capacity: 95%
Storage volume: 950 l/m 3

Mechanical characteristics:
Vertical load-bearing capacity: 400 kN/m 2
Horizontal load-bearing capacity: 20 kN/m 2
Short-term module: 30-35 kN/m 2
Friction angle: Minimal covering layer for the use of compacting machines: 0.3 m of gravel with a gradation of 16/32
Minimal cover for the movement of construction machinery: 0.25 m of compacted material
Minimal cover for car park operation: 0.5 m
Maximal cover at the specific soil weight of 20 kN/m 3 is 1.8 m

UV: at least for three months
Impact on groundwater: neutral
Resistance to acids: very good
Resistance to natural influences: very good

Another option: blocks can be used to reduce the weight of backfilling and various ground structures: