Circular solutions for carbon and nutrient management

ASIO TECH is the member of the project Circular Agronomics which aims to find new practical ways to promote the sustainable circular management of nutrients and carbon throughout the whole agri-food chain.

Case study - South Moravia, Czechia

Hot continental climate; 60% of the soils are used as agricultural land, 83% of which is arable. The soils are fertile, in need of  frequent irrigation to produce agricultural products. There is a significant presence of cropland and livestock farming.

The large presence of the food and drink industries and associated waste products, such as those from the dairy industry, offers opportunities to recover nutrients and convert them into carbon-rich products to add back to the soil.

The challenge is to considerably reduce high nutrient losses from food production and food waste and increase recycling to farms.

• Application of carbon-rich compounds to winter wheat fields to increase soil organic carbon
• Recovery of carbon-rich compounds for re-use on farms through the application of electrospun nanofibrous membranes for whey separation

More information: Leaflet Circular Agronomics - Case study, South Moravia

Ing. Marek Holba, Ph.D.



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