Salsnes Water to Algae Harvesting Technology (SWAT)

Project „Salsnes Water to Algae Harvesting Technology (SWAT)” was solved under financial support from the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union for small and medium enterprises in 2011 – 2013.

The main objective of the project was a comprehensive treatment of cultured algal cultures. They need to be thickened before their utilization due to a better economy of the process. The aim of the project was an algae harvesting technology with a high algae yield, with lower operating costs compared to other known technologies and with lower energy consumption. The SWAT technology resulted in 95% algae recovery, 40% lower costs than the recent best technologies and energy consumption < 0.08 kWh/m3 of algae.

Consortium consisted of Salsnes Filter AS from Norway, ASIO Ltd., Inwatec Sp z o.o from Poland, Aquateam AS from Norway and Health and Environmental Research Institute from Great Britain. End-users were IGV from Germany and Aqualia SA from Spain.


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