Rainwater harvesting technology in the industry

The project called „Rainwater harvesting technology in the industry“ is looking for new opportunities for rainwater harvesting in the industry.

Industrial air cleaning in Scandinavia

ASIO NEW supplies not only products used for wastewater treatment and water processing but also those used for air purification.

ASIO and Michelin Star Restaurant

ASIO at historic downtown of Budapest.



AS-GW/AQUALOOP – that smart water loop from ASIO

Water moves through the environment in a cycle. Drinking, surface, and used waters are parts of this cycle. If it is our intention to choose the “green” approach to building development and reconstructions, then water will form an important link of the entire chain.

Irrigation systems and their prospects … an outsider’s view

Originally, I expected that the workshop’s title was only a camouflage manoeuvre for a “wine-cellar” event, where its participants would have half an ear for a few papers and then we all would go to taste some wine.

Supplying of a wastewater treatment plant in extreme conditions - Tappenkarseehütte

In the framework of supplies of special wastewater treatment plants under high-mountain conditions, the supply for the Tappenkarseehütte mountain chalet (Austria) was completed as well.

Do you know that water damage emergencies are the most often insured events?

Perhaps, this have already happened even to you. In the morning, you go to work and after your return, you will find your house completely flooded.

Water Softening for the Bobycentrum Hotel in Brno

The process unit supplied by ASIO, spol. s r.o. consists of two water softening filters.

Wastewater Treatment Plant at Girolata – A Corsican Challenge

The project of a wastewater treatment plant for the Girolata Municipality was an all-round challenge as regards its process character, logistic-transportation, architectural, construction and tank aspects plus, last but not least, also the communication issues.

WWTP for mountain chalet in Alps

ASIO Company commissioned its highest placed membrane wastewater treatment plant. The project solves wastewater treatment in mountain chalet Marinelli Bombardieri.

Do not buy a dehydrator in a poke!

Do you wish to dewater the sludge formed in your workplace or treatment plant? Do you wish to make sure that your type of sludge can be easily dewatered? We can arrive to your place with our mobile dewatering unit plus all necessary accessories and verify the function directly there.

Construction of the first wastewater treatment plant using the membrane technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this year, a construction of a treatment plant for municipal wastewater from an industrial complex in Tešanj took place. This is the first implementation of a membrane wastewater treatment plant supplied by ASIO, spol. s r.o. and using the membrane technology by Mann+Hummel.


Industrial wastewater treatment plant for the Borotice Slaughter-house supplied by the company of Petr Kratky

The purpose of the construction of the industrial wastewater treatment plant for the Bo-rotice slaughter-house by the company of Petr Krátký was the replacement of the then-existing process of wastewater handling. This process consisted in emptying of accumulation cesspools and sewage disposal at places under a contract.


WWTP in Pasohlávky - the first application of the SFT FILTER in the Czech Republic

During the summer months, the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Pasohlávky went through intensification directly connected with the development in the recreation area at the Nové Mlýny upper reservoir, namely in the connection with a newly built waterpark.


Twenty years of ASIO, spol. s r.o.

So, we’ll be twenty soon, and life goes on. But let’s take a quick look at the celebration. The merriments were launched by the folk group, Hradišťan, who stole all the topics which our guest speakers had wanted to address.

Greywater and rainwater recovery in buildings

The greywater and rainwater recovery concept has recently gained large significance. The greywater and rainwater recovery systems become indispensable even in Europe where the pressure on the water recovery has not been so strong so far. However, the situation has dynamically changed and some countries in the Southern Europe have already started to suffer from lack of water and seek the new water resources.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Refurbishment in Radomyšl

The opening ceremony of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) trial run attracted more than one hundred Radomyšl residents. Luboš Peterka, the Mayor of the village, welcomed all participants, the honoured guests had a short speech and all uninitiated persons got acquainted with the WWTP features and components.

Reducing Development of Cyanobacteria in Water Reservoirs

The ASIO Company has recently dealt intensely with the issue of pollution of surface waters and reducing of cyanobacteria development in water reservoirs.

ASIO and a look back at 2012 – our top ten – a little bit of everything

It’s normal to subconsciously look back at the end of the year, just as we look back when standing at the top of a hill or returning from holiday. It’s no different when it comes to a business company and it may even be useful to remember what each of us considers the most significant events at the company over the past year... (I just took the liberty of shortening the list a bit).

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