The equipment is used for anaerobic pre-treatment of wastewater and consequent efficient separation of undissolved substances.  AS-ANASEP is intended for treatment of wastewater from households and it can be advantageously used in irregularly inhabited buildings (summerhouses, weekend houses, etc.) or in places, where power supply is not available. In fact, this is a four-chamber septic tank arranged as a baffle-type anaerobic reactor with openings for the separation of undissolved substances. The flow through the septic tank is optimised according to a mathematical model well proven in practice – this provides for the maximum utilisation of all spaces available.


  • Higher efficiency in the separation of organic substances is caused by a longer hold-up period in the septic tank and closer contact with the anaerobically treated sludge; this results in a reduced sludge production and a longer balancing interval.
  • Reduced discharge of undissolved substances and therefore a lower tendency to clogging of bio-filters or downstream infiltration systems. As a result, this leads to lower operating costs.
  • Lower demand for final treatment processes.
  • Economical operations without power supply.
  • Utilisation in irregularly inhabited buildings.

AS-ANASEP - Anaerobic Separator
*Incl. the standard adapter.

The technology of the AS-ANASEP anaerobic separator is based on the innovation of a conventional septic tank designed according to EN 12566-1 and ČSN 75 6402 standards plus the optimised flow through the entire tank volume. In order to achieve the equipment maximum efficiency, the structure has been designed by the use of the Hydrus modeling software.