AS-MONA water storage tanks

Photo: AS-MONA water storage tanks

AS-MONA water storage tanks are stable, robust monolithic reservoirs with minimum requirements for their setting to the ground. They are structurally strong, with a long service life. Owing to the fact that they are made in one piece, there is no risk of any cracking, welding defects or water leaks.

Are you carrying out a building project and ponder how to be cost effective, but still create a structure capable of service for many decades? In the case of tanks placed underground, you should be more cautious than usual. The reason is simple - in the course of time, plastic materials lose their strength, and therefore it is necessary to think ahead.

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Before you decide for the seemingly cheapest solution, pay your attention to the tank structural design and make thoroughly familiar with the relevant manual, in particular the section describing how to settle the tank correctly. In you financial assessment, calculate all the costs for the relevant rainwater tanks, including all other costs and costs of building work. In your comparison, the result may be expressed in costs per one cubic metre of the tank volume. In addition, it is advisable to account for all potential risks involved in individual solutions.

AS-MONA - water storage tanks

AS-MONA are rainwater storage tanks manufactured by rotary casting. Their shape and monolithic design provide for the tank stability, which can be achieved with welded tanks only with difficulties or at a higher price. In particular, the tank-roof dome structure is much resilient if compared to conventional welded tanks. The reinforcements of the AS-MONA rainwater storage tanks with spatial elements prevent problems with potential wall deformations, e.g. in case of an unexpected rise of the underground water level (i.e. if the tank is secured against floating-up with a sufficient vertical load).

The AS-MONA tanks are placed directly into the ground. An adapter (access shaft) is supplied with the tank in order adapt the tank to local conditions. This adapter can be modified, in terms of its height, according to the customer’s needs (this must be agreed during the tank ordering). In the case of vertical tanks, the adapter can be maximally 50 cm high, while at horizontal tanks the maximum height is 70 cm.

The AS-MONA water storage tanks can be supplied as a simple structure or, as requested by the customer, fitted with additional accessories, such as filters for mechanical impurities, special pumps (protected against dry run), etc. In this way, it can be possible to combine the simple water storage with its utilisation in the house.

Advantages of AS-MONA water storage tanks

  • Favourable prices are not achieved at the cost of static load capacity
  • You can manage the installation on your own and only minimum of additional materials will be needed
  • There is the possibility of adapting to height conditions on the site – each tank has a ribbed adaptor (max. 50 cm for vertical and max. 70 cm for horizontal tanks) for manhole cover providing additional strength to the tank structure (the adaptor specification must be agreed in detail in the relevant order).
  • The tank structural properties are based on the vaulted effect in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  • For easier handling, the tanks are fitted with lifting eyes (50 mm thick). The diameter of each eye opening is 60 mm.
  • The tanks are monolithic (i.e. made as a single piece), so that there is no risk of any cracking, welding defects or water leaks.
  • The ribbed structure of the tank provides for strengthening of the tank and it protects the tank walls against squeezing.
  • If a higher storage capacity is required, it will be possible to interconnect the tanks in series.
  • Ten-year guarantee.

AS-MONA water storage tanks are available in sic various volumes

AS-MONA rainwater tank

* height of tank without extension