AS-RAINMAN represents a unique solution for all customers, who want to produce high-quality water from rainwater collected from their roofs and use it in family houses, cottages, or recreational facilities. Owing to its design concept, it is possible to use the AS-RAINMAN station for treatment of water from wells and water supply drills. We have a solution even for you how to use AS-RAINMAN for water treatment for drinking purposes.

Utilisation of the AS-RAINMAN water treatment station

As the rain clouds are formed by evaporation, rainwater should theoretically distilled water, i.e. water not containing any dissolved substances. However, even in the atmosphere, water is in contact with various chemical substances and the same happens in the fall of water throughout the atmosphere towards the earth and consequently on the earth surface. This does not mean that we should be afraid of the rainwater utilisation – as results from various research projects of several institutions, the rainwater chemical contamination mostly fluctuates at the boundary limits for the drinking water quality. Therefore, the rainwater quality is suitable for toilet flushing, (laundry) washing, and irrigation.

Not all activities performed in our household require “paid” drinking water. Using the rainwater for washing, toilet flushing or cleaning may bring significant savings. However, these savings are not all, what the rainwater can offer. The rainwater advantage is that it is soft water, which means that it does not tend to clogging the household appliances (e.g. washing machine) and pipework with deposits (scale).

Washing in rainwater

Rainwater is especially suitable to wash laundry. Because it is soft water, the consumption of washing powder is lower. The powder is more easily dissolved in the water and dirt from the laundry is better released. In addition, you will save for water softeners without worrying about scale. In regions, where only hard water containing iron, manganese, and other substances is available, the rainwater is directly on the offer for laundry washing.

If you wash your laundry in rainwater, there is no need to worry about this. True, the rainwater quality may differ from case to case, but is ensues from the research that the size of bacteria pollution in the laundry washed in rainwater is comparable to the results of laundry washed in drinking water. In fact, the bacteria pollution extent does not depend on the water quality to a certain degree, but on the laundry soiling itself.

AS-RAINMAN – rainwater treatment scheme

Advantages of the AS-RAINMAN installations for water treatment

  • Complex solution – all is installed in a single cabinet
  • Simple installation – connection to a rainwater supply plus a power socket
  • Low electricity consumption (40 W)
  • High-quality, odourless water
  • Water disinfected by passing over the UV light
  • Long service life of the filtration charge (up to three years)
  • Elimination of a wide range of contaminants
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Savings in your water bill

The AS-RAINMAN installation will guarantee for you

  • Microbiologically safe and clean water without use of any chemical agents
  • Improving of organoleptic properties, such as taste, colour, and odour
  • Elimination of turbidity
  • Removal, or at least reduction of heavy metal concentrations, organic substances, pesticides, chlorinated hydrocarbons, volatile substances, and humic matters
  • Water bill savings (as taken from the water mains) 

Technical parameters

Height: 1,150 mm

Width: 350mm

Depth: 600 mm

Power supply/connection: 240 V / 50 Hz

Connection inlet/outlet: ¾” (1”)

Drain connection: 1”

Weight with the filtration charge (without water): 26 kg