Photo: AS-ROJ

The AS-ROJ lifting equipment is designed as a rotary and portable device for the manual lifting and lowering of loads in wastewater treatment plants or in other waterworks or industrial facilities.

This device is mainly used to lift pumps, rack baskets, mixers, and other equipment, up to the max. weight of 150 kg.

Equipment description

The portable rotary crane consists of a fixed foot, a tubular (removable) column with a guiding collar, and a tilting arm, at the end of which is fixed a pulley for the rope. Loads are lifted by means of a manual winch that is screwed to the tilting arm.

The foot is always firmly attached to the concrete foundation by means of anchoring screws. The inside of the foot is fitted with a plastic bushing to facilitate the turning of the crane with the load. When the lifting device is not in use, the column foot is equipped with a cover ensuring protection against water and damage.

The crane column is fitted with openings for the delimitation of the crane radius. This crane radius is fixed with a sliding collar to which the tilting arm is connected via a pin. The collar is connected to the column by means of a pin.

The manual rotary crane is made of stainless steel of class 17240 (DIN 1.4301).