Photo: AS-VARIOcomp K

A line of fully equipped domestic wastewater treatment plants designed for the treatment of sewage from single family homes. Based on a stable and reliable operation, the plant technology keeps energy consumption to a minimum. This technology uses aerobic biological processes that have been proven by long-term application in practice.

Advantages of the AS-VARIOcomp K Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

  • Certification in accordance with EC legislation
  • Low operating costs
  • Complete delivery (everything included in the price, incl. extension and cover)
  • Walk-on cover
  • Easy operational handling and reliability
  • Possibility of simple conversion from a conventional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to the ULTRA type, by the insertion of a membrane module
  • If the ULTRA type is used, pre-treated water can be used as sanitary water

Description of the technology


Popis technologie

A - Settlement and sludge compartment
B - Activation compartment
C - Biomass support
D - Storage capacity
E - Secondary settlement compartment
F - Mammoth pump

Wastewater flows to the settlement compartment (A) of the inlet part of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), where floating and sedimentable solids are removed, which are further subject to anaerobic degradation. From the settlement compartment, mechanically pre-treated water flows to the activation compartment (B) through an overflow. The activation compartment (B) is used for the biological treatment of wastewater. In its bottom part, this compartment is fitted with a fine-bubble aeration system into which air is forced by means of a blower and possibly a biomass support (C) to improve the process stability of an overloaded or partly loaded wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). An advantage of this design is the storage capacity (D) throughout the entire space of the treatment plant, which is designed to store wastewater and to ensure an even outflow of wastewater from the treatment plant. The activated mixture from the activation compartment flows to the vertical secondary settlement tank (E); from there, treated water is extracted with a mammoth pump (F) to the outlet trough. Excess aerobically stabilized sludge is extracted with a mammoth pump to the settlement and sludge compartment (A) as necessary.


Lower values than those presented in the table can be guaranteed after consultation with the technician for a particular location.
* see the Type Test Record
- If the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is individually equipped by the customer with a flocculation dosing device, a further reduction of the outlet values of individual parameters can be ensured, especially the elimination of P.
- the guaranteed parameter values correspond to the specific requirements of the Czech legislation, while the guarantees for other countries are specified and offered individually and/or upon request. In doing this, it is issued from the values measured in the type test according to EN 12566-3+A2.

Type Quantity Q BOD5 WWTP dimensions (mm) Inlet (Hv) Outlet (Ho) Weight Power input
  EO (m3/day) (kg/day) Diameter D Max.dimension a x b Height Height (mm) Height (mm) Kg W
5K 3-7 0,75 0,30 1200 1250 x 1250 2020 1350 1270 170 60
8K 6-10 1,20 0,48 1480 1500 x 1500 2020 1350 1270 260 80
12K 10-13 1,8 0,72 1925 2000 x 2000 2030 1350 1270 390 95
15K 11-17 2,25 0,90 1700 1740 x 1740 2800 2100 2020 450 100
20K 18-25 3,00 1,20 1945 2000 x 2000 2810 2100 2020 700 120

Installation of wastewater treatment plants

The wastewater treatment plant is installed in an excavation on a concrete slab base (there is no need to cement the plant at the sides), connected to the sewerage system by means of orifices, and the air line of a blower located outside the WWTP is connected to it. The blower is installed outside the treatment plant to extend its service life, as the environment inside the WWTP is very aggressive. The basic functions are pre-set by the manufacturer and the WWTP does not require any electric installation workexcept the connection of the blower to the mains. The wastewater treatment plant is put in operation by the supplier or an authorized service organization. Given their dimensions and weight, the 5 and 8 EO types can be transported on a car trailer and be placed in the excavation without the use of a crane. The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is equipped with an walk-on cover, ⌀ 950mm, as a standard feature.


Technology of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) - 24 months; plastic shaft - 5 years.
ASIO, spol. s r.o. is a holder of the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
The AS-VARIOcomp treatment plant types conform to the latest European standards.

Static design

The structure of the tanks is designed using the calculation method of end elements, with the use of the NEXIS calculation program, for a service life of 25 years.

Sales and service centres

Detailed information about the products and provided services can be obtained from individual sales and service centres, representatives, or directly from the Sales Dept. of ASIO, spol. s r.o.


Together with the purchase agreement, the customer will receive the Design and Installation Documentation. The customer will receive the remaining documentation concerning the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) together with the guarantee certificate (Operations Diary, Operating Instructions, and Draft Operating Rules).

Services and products provided on request

  1. We will arrange for a project feasibility study to be prepared free of charge
  2. We will prepare design documentation, incl. consultations with authorities
  3. We will shift the outlet from the WWTP in any direction, free of charge, as requested by the customer
  4. Blower installation shaft
  5. Above-standard height of the extension
  6. Possibility to deliver a double-jacketed WWTP in the case of a low groundwater table
  7. Biomass support for the activation compartment (with the “K” type) - possibility of additional installation
  8. Possibility to select the colour of the WWTP cover