AS-WIPPE is a system of free flow underground shafts designed for distribution of incoming wastewater or forming a part of process facilities.

The distribution shafts are manufactured as self-supporting types or types intended for concrete pouring into the space between the inner and outer jackets. The hafts are offered in various type series.


Wastewater flows to the distribution shaft over a tilting bench and only one half is filled at a time. After the first half is full, the bench will tilted over by gravity and the accumulated water flows over to the shaft, which is divided by a partition to two halves. From there, the water stream flows evenly by drains out of the shaft. Consequently, the second half of the bench is filled and, following the same principle, wastewater flows over to the second half of the shaft. Thus, the system creates pulse draining, which minimises clogging of drain piping. According to calculations and requirements, an adequate number of draining points will be specified (at least two, maximally eight).

-  Self-supporting tank
- Possibility of a trafficable cover
- Water stream can be divided to eight draining points
- Low price
- Minimum operating costs

Structural design

The distribution shafts are manufactured is several dimensional types. Dimensions in the relevant dimensional types correspond to these document enclosures. The shafts are manufactured in the self-supporting design, i.e. conventional plastic tanks, or as plastic-concrete types (marked as PB-SV), where the double-jacket structure is used, where the space between the jackets is fitted with steel reinforcing bars. Once it is placed on the site of installation and concrete poured into the inner space between the jackets, the shaft will be self-supporting and it will be possible to set it even to places with the occurrence of underground water. At the same time, the plastic load bearing structure guarantees its watertightness from both outer and inner sides (the outer jacket protects the concrete layer against aggressive / sulphurous underground water, while the inner jacket provides the protection against the sewage water environment). The load-bearing structure is fitted with necessary reinforcing steel bars fixed to the plastic structure.

AS-WIPPE option
This is a compact cylindrical shaft manufactured of plastic (polypropylene) boards with an access shaft and a trafficable cover.

distribution shafts AS-WIPPE

distribution shafts AS-WIPPE

This is a double-jacket structure of a cylindrical shaft, where the structure serves as a permanent formwork. The space between the jackets is fitted with fixed steel reinforcing bars and it is completely prepared for concrete pouring. The interim space is filled with concrete on the site and the plastic load bearing structure provides for excellent protection against external effects from both inner and outer tank walls plus complete watertightness of the tank. The concrete ceiling must be fitted with a damp proof layer preventing any penetration of soil moisture, surface/underground water inside the interim space between the jackets.

distribution shafts AS-WIPPE