Photo: AS-ZEON

AS-ZEON biological soil filter has been designed as a second stage treatment beyond a septic tank or wastewater treatment unit.

It is patent-protected equipment, which owing to its unique design and wastewater treatment method provides for an easy operation and high purification efficiency even in irregularly inhabited building, such as weekend houses. The biological filter works exclusively on a mechanical-biological principle without any demand for power supply.

The wastewater treatment process in the filter is provided with its aerobic environment acting together with sorption effect of selected materials. The use of the maximum wetted area of the filter is guaranteed by the “tilt-over” device situated under the inlet pipework, inside the biological filter shaft. Large quantities of wastewater are accumulated in the device first, and when it is tilted over by the wastewater weight, the whole wastewater volume is discharged, all at once, over the entire area of the soil filter. This system prevents any “shortcut” flows through the filter.

The filter service area is provided with the 1,000 mm diameter shaft in the filter centre. There is, in the upper part of the shaft, an access to the inlet section consisting of the inlet pipework and the mechanical tilt-over device. After removal of the mechanical tilt-over device and the plastic cover, the access to the filter bottom part, where the filter discharge section is situated, is available. Control samples for analyses can be taken here.

 Soil filter AS-ZEON _ table

The cleaning efficiency has been measured by the test method according to the Czech Standard ČSN EN 12566-6

  Soil filter AS-ZEON _ table

Dimensional scheme

AS-ZEON - dimensional scheme