Biological production of methanol from waste methan

The project: „Biological production of methanol from waste methan“ under acronyme METAMON is solved with financial support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under programme for support of applied research and experimental development ALFA in 2015 - 2017. 

The project is focused on developing a technology for biological production of methanol from waste methan and its separation or direct utilization as a substrate for denitrification. This technology will be designed on the basis of the results from laboratory experiments and applied on a pilot plant, where crucial parameters and limit conditions for its application will be determined. Currently, the overproduction of biogas, gases containing methane with an undesirable composition or in an insufficient amount for energetic utilization are burned uselessly. This technology will enable the utilization of such methane and its transformation into a marketable and exploitable product – methanol. Methanol can be used as a source of an organic substrate for biological denitrification in wastewater treatment, as biofuel and as a source of energy for the treatment using fuel cells.

Consortium consists of University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and ASIO Ltd.



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