Wastewater Treatment Plants

Apart from small-scale wastewater treatment unit for households, we can also offer municipal wastewater treatment plants suitable for municipalities, city districts and small towns. Wastewater treatment plants are used for treatment of soil water from municipalities and towns in the range from 30 to 5,000 PE (population equivalent). Large wastewater treatment plants are typical for their stable and high-efficient cleaning processes with minimum oper-ating costs. AS-VARIOcomp D (400 - 5000 EO) is recommended for municipalities and towns over 400 PE.

Photo: AS-VARIOcomp N (30 - 300 PE)

AS-VARIOcomp N (30 - 300 PE)

A line of equipped wastewater treatment plants designed for sewage treatment. The WWTP can be used for a volume from 30 to 300 population equivalents (PE). Based on a stable and reliable operation, the plant technology keeps energy consumption to a minimum. This technology uses aerobic biological processes that have been proven by long-term application in practice.

Photo: Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants AS-HSBR (60-300 PE)

Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants AS-HSBR (60-300 PE)

AS-HSBR biological wastewater treatment plants (further as the WWTPs) continue the product ranges of WWTPs AS-VARIOcomp K and N, AS-KLARO and AS-IDEAL, well proven in practice, manufactured and operated by ASIO, spol. s r.o. since 1993. Due to our long-term experience, we are able to offer a high professional standard in the sphere of design and implementation stages of the WWTP supply in the so-called turnkey projects.

Photo: AS-VARIOcomp N ULTRA (30 - 300 PE)

AS-VARIOcomp N ULTRA (30 - 300 PE)

A line for 30–300 population equivalents. The wastewater treatment plant is designed for the treatment of sewage from permanently occupied buildings for 30 to 300 population equivalents. The treatment plant is equipped with membrane technology, which removes most viruses and bacteria from treated water. The treated water exhibits a quality comparable to that of rainwater and can be used both for irrigation and as service water for the household.

Photo: Wastewater Treatment Plants in an ISO Container for 80-350 PE

Wastewater Treatment Plants in an ISO Container for 80-350 PE

AS–ISO MBR Type Range of wastewater treatment plants is intended for the treatment of municipal wastewater.

Photo: AS-VARIOcomp D (400 – 5,000 PE)

AS-VARIOcomp D (400 – 5,000 PE)

The wastewater treatment plant designated as the AS–VARIOcomp D is designed for towns and villages with 400 to 5,000 population equivalents (PE). In the design we applied our experience with previously supplied custom-made treatment plants and we put the priority on the stability of the treatment process, supported by low-load activation; high treatment efficiency, based on an innovative arrangement of the technology in the secondary settlement tank; and the minimization of operating costs that are mostly related to the final sludge stage.