The project "Electrochemical processing of waste concentrates from membrane separations" under the working title MEMCON is carried out with the financial support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in 2019-2021 from the 2nd Public Tender of the program to support applied research, the ZÉTA. The main researcher of the project is the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, where the co-researcher of the project is ASIO TECH, spol. s r.o.

The aim of the project is to solve the problem of waste membrane concentrates using a new modular mobile electrochemical unit. The purpose of the support is to reduce the operating costs for the treatment of selected concentrated wastewater and, at the same time, to achieve higher quality and water content in recipients. It is intended to develop and test a modular electrolyzer (consisting of a porous cathode, separator and anode for oxidation processes) on both laboratory and pilot scale. A partial goal of the project will be the construction of a new electrolyzer and subsequently a critical evaluation of the operation in the parameters CAPEX, OPEX, footprint and layout in the context of industrial wastewater treatment.

Typical users of the results will be various industrial facilities with wastewater production operating not only membrane treatment processes (e.g. galvanic industry, rinsing water, automotive industry, etc.). At present, the disposal of concentrates and poorly oxidizable organic matter is solved by transport for further treatment, while the proposed solution will allow their on-site processing reducing thus operating costs in such industrial facilities.

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