Energy and RES

Sources of renewable energy and alternative sources of energy represent the largest potential for heat & power generation, where the capital expenditures offer interesting rate of return. We will be happy to provide you with expert consultations or design of optimum solutions for cost savings in the sphere of energy and potable water consumption.

Photo: AS-ReHeater heat exchanger units

AS-ReHeater heat exchanger units

AS-ReHeater units are special heat exchanger units intended for wastewater heat recovery without the necessity to treat the wastewater stream (e.g. by filtration).


Energy from Wastewater

The ever-increasing energy consumption along with its growing prices necessitates the op-timisation in the use of available energy sources as well as exploring for new energy sources. This trend is noticeable in all industrial branches and the water management sphere makes no exception. A change in this paradigm has already taken place in the world and wastewater is being increasingly considered not as a waste product but as a raw material. Wastewater contains organic substances, which represent potentially exploitable sources of energy.


Greywater as a source of energy

At present, economic and environmental aspects are being increasingly considered in the construction of new buildings. Savings in the drinking water and energy sources belongs among such aspects. Wastewater is a source of energy, the potential of which is almost un-exploited at present, even if it suggests itself in line structures such as sewage pipelines as well as other structures in sewer systems. A separate issue is the use of the extracted heat directly in buildings. Saving in the consumption of drinking water can be achieved by the use of the so-called “greywater.”


Energy from process operations

In terms of new processes of re-use of waste heat, ASIO, spol. s r.o. is engaged in a wide range of technological and other processes and their reverse application in the generation of electricity, heat or even cold, which involves also heat pumps, cogeneration or trigeneration plants, microturbines, ORC waste heat turbines, absorption refrigerators, solar and photovoltaic panels and other processes. A major part of these technologies has good project efficiency with a payback period from 3 to 10 years.


An energy saving system for waste heat usage in aquarium fish farming facilities

For a long time, the Czech Republic belongs among the world great powers in breeding and export of aquarium fish.