The project "Granular biomass application in wastewater treatment" No. TP04020045 with the acronym BIOGRAN is solved with the financial support of The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the grant programme titled Programme of applied research, experimental development and innovation GAMA 2.

The project aims to conduct a feasibility study for the application of aerobic granular biomass in wastewater treatment. Aerobic Granular Biomass (AGB) technology represents an innovative wastewater treatment process, which contributes to the reduction of the wastewater treatment plant operating costs mainly associated with the consumption of electricity and chemicals. Additionally, compared to conventional technologies, AGB has lower requirements for the built-up area and also achieves better results of effluent quality parameters.

Within the project, the AGB technology will be verified in pilot-plant scale, where the main performance elements of the technology, such as treatment efficiency and operating costs, will be critically evaluated. The presence of granular biomass will be proven with microscopic analyses. In order to replicate the technological solution in practice, process parameters will be also carefully monitored. It is assumed that the results from the pilot testing will be the basis for the design of new wastewater treatment plants and the intensification of the existing ones.

The project is solved by the company ASIO TECH, spol. s.r.o. in the period from 7/2022 to 12/2022.

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