The use of hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces during their interaction with liquids.

Project „The use of hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces during their interaction with liquids.“ under acronyme Plasma was solved with financial support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the programme for support of applied research and experimental development ALFA in 2013 - 2016. 

The project aimed to improve the production technology of high hydro-/oleo- phobic surface and subsequent use of these layers in contact with liquids. These layers were prepared by technology based on plasma and nanotechnology in various materials and products. Treatment of hydraulic surfaces by hydro-/oleo- phobic film was crucial in terms of energy savings, since it is assumed that about 25% of the total produced energy is consumed for fluid pumping. Another part of the project solved the usage of specific phenomenon emergent among the high phobic surface and the liquid, where a continuous layer of gas is created. If the phobic surface is formed by a suitable semipermeable membrane, it can be used for example to enrichment of water with oxygen, but also to extraction of dissolved gases. With this part of the project the preparation of semipermeable membranes of nanocomposite materials is related, e.g. based on nanofiber layers.

Consortium consisted of ASIO Ltd., ČKD Blansko Engineering, a.s., PATRIA Kobylí, a.s., Masaryk University and Technical University of Liberec.

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