Development of integrated technology for laundry effluent treatment and recycling

The project „Development of integrated technology for laundry effluent treatment and recycling“ under acronyme Pradlo is solved under financial support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic throughout the ZETA programme in 2018 – 2019.

The main aim is technology design to maximize the level of economically feasible water, heat recycling and wastewater treatment from laundry industry. Wastewater will be characterized based on the plant configurations and demands for further use and recycling during the first phase. Under laboratory conditions will be verified the procedures for removing target pollutants: metal ions, suspended solids, turbidity, colorants, organic substances and silicates, followed by membrane separation and final treatment to determine technological and economic parameters for upscale by 12/2018. Designed technology will be optimized and verified at the pilot plant on-site during second phase. Engineering and construction standards will be developed and transferred to the co-researcher´s portfolio promptly after the project completion in 12/2019.

The coordinator is University of Chemical Technology in Prague that solves the project with ASIO Ltd.

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