ASIO as part of European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water Action Group: ARREAU (Accelerating Resource Recovery from Water Cycle)

EIP is aimed at encouraging and enhancing the innovation by forming a specific societal challenge sheared across the EU, and new market potential for EU businesses.

In April 2014, EIP has launched an Action Group named ARREAU (Accelerating Resource Recovery from Water Cycle). ARREAU, containing 41 members from 8 countries, is focused on collecting the current best European practices and developing value chains and markets in the area of resource recovery from water. Beside the innovative techniques for resource recovery the ARREAU will also create policy recommendations and other tools necessary for fast implementation of innovation to the market.

The main resources considered in ARREAU are phosphorous, cellulose and iron sludge’s. ASIO is taking active part in the strengthening recovery of phosphorous, as well as drinking water resources.

The most recent event of ARREAU, at which ASIO also participated was the ARREAU workshop, a start-up of the market system toward creation of valuable resources from the water cycle (below: photo at the first Action Group meeting, IWA Conference, Lisbon 2014).

European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water Action Group: ARREAU

Ing. Aleksandra Bogdan