Industrial wastewater treatment plant for the Borotice Slaughter-house supplied by the company of Petr Kratky

14. 11. 2013

The project objective was the construction of a completely new mechanico-chemical process of wastewater pre-treatment together with a biological final treatment section and the outlet of cleaned water into the Jevišovka River water stream.

The subject matter of the implementation project is the treatment of process wastewater from cutting and meat-processing rooms.

In conversion to Population Equivalent (PE), the unit size corresponds to 1,488 PE. Wastewater daily quantities are about 38 m 3 per day.

Wastewater treatment principle – designed process flow diagram (PFD)

From the manufacturing units, the wastewater is brought over a preliminary cleaning process to the rotary screen inlet.

Rotary screen

Free of mechanical impurities, the water stream flows off to an underground accumulation cesspool, which is stirred thoroughly. From the accumulation cesspool, the water stream is uniformly pumped into the flotation process including a chemical pre-treatment stage.

Chemicals – storage & handling

In the wastewater final treatment process, the biological section of the industrial WWTP is designed as an activation unit with upstream denitrification, consequent nitrification and sludge separation in a vertical settling tank.

The outlet of cleaned water is brought into a pumping and retention reservoir accumulating also rainwater drained from the area of the whole food-processing complex.

Ing. Martin Šrámek