WWTP for mountain chalet in Alps

The chalet is located in Dolomiti Mountains in altitude 2813 m above sea level. The plant is newly constructed in separate object. All equipment is placed inside due to hard climate conditions. Strict outflow requirements and space limitation result to using of membrane filtration process for the plant design.


Design of the plant included also other specific requirements for operation such as high daily and hourly hydraulic and load peaks, high rate of water produced in a kitchen or seasonal operation of the chalet. Important was also requirement for low noise level of the plant that is placed in separate operation object directly under scenic terrace.

The plant was completed during the commissioning, membrane modules were fit in the tank, equipment was added and all operating parameters were set. The plant was connected to inlet pipeline. Activated sludge was transported from close plant in the valley by helicopter. The plant was commissioned for trial operation and operators were trained.

The operation of new plant will significantly contribute to preserve purity of mountain nature and environment.


Ing. Petr Straka