Reducing of the cost of wastewater treatment from industry


The OxFloc project aim´s to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment from industry at least 30%, while offering modular installation and application of engineering technology at a lower price than comparable existing processes. OxFloc systems will have a clearly defined environmental benefits, smaller size, lower operating costs and allows 100% recycling of water. Furthermore, the system does not involve chemicals and salts.

Not all industrial waste water are the same, but we can find a mixture of pollutants, toxic substances, biologically difficult decomposable components and hormones, such as surfactants, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and heavy metals. Therefore an increasing need for treatment of industrial waste water at source before being discharged.

OxFloc system is a single stage technology that combines flocculation, oxidation and adsorption. The technology requires no external chemicals for its operation. Only a minimum at the beginning to adjust the pH of water. The purification process is based on the electrolytic production of ferrous salt, whose output is the same as in the case of hydrogen peroxide, which generates the necessary radicals in the reactor.


The task of the ASIO in the project:
- design and delivery of experimental tanks and reactors,
- patent research and protection of the intellectual property,
- characteristics of oxidation and adsorption processes in various types of industrial wastewater,
- preparation of dissemination strategies,
- demonstration of technology in the operating conditions,
- work on scientific publications resulting from the project,
- sales and service of the OxFloc technology.

Project Number: FP7/606216
Project duration: 24 months
Coordinator: Fraunhofer (GER)

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