AS-NIDAFLOW is an innovative system for accumulation and infiltration (soakaway) of rain-water. It consists of infiltration honeycomb-type blocks that can be customised to the size and shape of the drained land area. By this, a suitable underground space is created for the rainwater accumulation and its consequent infiltration from hard surfaces. Along with a new layout of access/exit shafts, the new concept of feeding and draining pipes makes possible more efficient end economical draining of the relevant land areas…

As a system for rainwater draining, accumulation and infiltration, AS-NIDAFLOW ranks for many years among well-proven solutions in the sphere of rainwater management used by cities and municipalities all over Europe.

The AS-NIDAFLOW system consists of infiltration honeycomb-type blocks that can be adjusted, by their respective sizes and shapes, to the drained area at will. Plastic infiltration blocks are placed under the surface and, due to this, a sufficiently large retention space is created for rainwater retention, accumulation and its consequent infiltration – rainwater is brought to the blocks through drain piping.

Proven operational reliability

We have verified the high operational reliability of this solution in a wide range of practical applications that altogether exceed the level of one million of installed cubic meters. The ingenious design of drain piping guarantees that no impurities are brought into the piping and, subsequently, into the retention blocks, where they could be cause of their clogging. The piping self-cleaning capacity also contributes to the elimination of dirt deposits at pipe bottoms. Due to these properties, long-term service life of the whole system is guaranteed as well as low construction and future operating costs.

zasakovací blok AS-NIDAFLOW

The AS-NIDAFLOW system combines several benefits in a single solution:

  • Supplying of the accumulation structure through the distribution drain system – this provides for long-term operational stability and protection of individual blocks against clogging/fouling with dirt.
  • Cost reductions in excavation works and materials for the fleximer bed owing to the distribution drain system with grooves that enable both horizontal and vertical flows inside the block.

Possibilities in the system applications

The infiltration (soakaway) AS-NIDAFLOW system is suitable for drainage of car parks, rainwater removal from surfaces of industrial premises , grassland or other municipal areas, where undesirable rainwater may stay on the surface or cause consequent damage by its wild flowing-off.

  • Rainwater retention (in cases, where the whole structure is “wrapped” in leak-proof plastic sheets)
  • Rainwater retention and/or its soakaway to the ground
  • Special applications (soakaway contour furrows, well, fire-fighting reservoir, etc.)

Main benefits of the system

  • Easy and quick installation without coupling elements
  • Self-cleaning effect preventing clogging of retention blocks
  • Cost savings in excavation works
  • Very high accumulating space (95%)
  • Lightweight soakaway blocks
  • Sufficiently strong system and resistance against travelling vehicles

Technical data:


If the maximum stacking capacity the of blocks is used (6 layers), then it will be possible to lay the blocks as deep as to 6.5 metres!

Long service life, easy maintenance

The AS-NIDAFLOW infiltration blocks are made of high-quality materials that guarantee sufficient endurance and long service life. In addition, the system is easy to maintain – by the use of an inspection camera you can easily check the condition of the whole system and, if necessary, clean it quickly with a high-pressure nozzle. During the cleaning, dirt and other impurities will be washed away into the inspection shaft, from where they can be simply pumped away.

Professional consulting services

Do you plan a construction project of an infiltration system for efficient draining of your land? Take advantage of our experience and let us offer our suggestions to you. Depending on the retention structure capacity, we will:
- define the number and type of the infiltration blocks,
- provide you with a preliminary scheme proposing the optimum layout of the infiltration structure,
- propose a suitable process of infiltration, draining and de-aeration of the infiltration structure,
- propose the layout of inspection and regulation shafts, and
- supply the necessary drawings.


Along with the infiltration blocks, we supply all accessories necessary for the system installation.

Inspection shafts – inflow and outflow inspection shafts with openings for the connection of inflow/outflow and drain piping modified for a concrete project.

Throttling capacity hole – controlling of the outflow into a sewer system by the use of the throttling capacity hole is a part of the outlet inspection shaft. The throttling range starts already at 0.5 litres per second.

Geotextile supplied geotextiles protect the infiltration structure against clogging with soil particles; it enables free flow of water.

Damp-proof course – this is supplied in cases, where a structure consisting of the AS-NIDAFLOW blocks will be used for the water retention only, i.e. without consequent soakaway. The damp-proof course consists of geotextiles and creates thus an underground leak-proof “reservoir”.

Drain piping – we can calculate, for the relevant structure, the optimum number and lengths of drain pipes. The supplied drain pipes are partially perforated (220 0 ), which makes possible that water flows through the drain piping directly to the outlet at a low level of precipitation; only at higher precipitation levels, water is accumulated in the retention (infiltration) structure. At the same time, small impurities, if any, are washed away in this process and thus they do not spread further into the infiltration structure.

  • Drain pipe sizes: DN150 to DN300
  • Permeability of slots (perforated elements) > 50 cm 2 per running meter

Drenážní potrubí

Ventilation piping – it is used for de-aeration of the structure; to this purpose, we supply flexible pipe drains that are freely laid on the infiltration structure upper surface. The drain size is usually DN100 with the minimum perforation of 50 cm 2 /m.

Odvzdušňovací potrubí