The existing lack of good quality drinking water, its ever-increasing price and, finally yet im-portantly, prices for wastewater treatment represent the reasons for the application of economy measures in the water management sphere. Called according to its typical colour, greywater is wastewater produced in hand basins, showers, wash machines and kitchen fa-cilities that does not contain human waste (urine and faeces). After a suitable treatment, greywater can be used as service water (the so-called “white water”) for flushing toilet, uri-nals and garden irrigation…

In this sphere, ASIO, spol. s r.o. can offer to its customers the preparation of expert statements, consultant services, studies and designs, audits and preparation of operating rules for:

- water management optimisation,
- design of economically suitable technologies of greywater purification,
- economic evaluations of proposed technologies of greywater purification,
- detailed processing of operating costs,
- proposals for rational solutions, process flow diagrams, operating parameters and modes, and
- suitability evaluations for various types of building structures.

Applications in the following spheres: family houses, apartment houses, wellness centres, swimming pools, bath houses, office block, hotels, industrial plants, and sports centres.