AS-DAST - automated dosing station of solutions intended for wastewater treatment and water purification purposes…

AS-DAST is an automated dosing station of solutions intended for wastewater treatment and water purification purposes.

A major advantage is its design ensuring its independence on other equipment pieces and the possibility to incorporate the station additionally into the existing plants, e.g. for purposes of simultaneous precipitation of phosphorus in biological wastewater treatment plants or pH adjustment in industrial wastewater. Another plus is its simple intuitive handling, variability in the selection of peripheries and design options for indoor or outdoor placements.

As an example, the dosing of ferric sulphate (Prefloc) may serve. This process step is used for phosphorus precipitation in wastewater treatment plants. One pump is capable of pumping max. 14 litres per hour. The pump output can be controlled within the range from 0 to 100%. In the version containing the minidistribution panel, a timer is included as well, which enables to set the pump operating time. In the version with two pumps, one is used as a back-up pump, and they take turns during the operation. A part of the supply may be also containers for chemical solutions, including drip trays, such as jerry cans, 50-litre barrels, IBC containers or double-jacket tanks with a level gauge for several m 3 of chemicals. In addition, the equipment items may be extended with measuring probes (e.g. for pH-measurements).

Possible utilisations of the automated dosing stations:

  • Prefloc dosing in order to prevent sludge bulking or improving of precipitation properties in wastewater treatment plants,
  • substrate dosing (N+P) to wastewater treatment plants in order to improve biological processes,
  • wastewater neutralisation,
  • dosing of antifoaming agents into the activation section,
  • treatment of wastewater, industrial and service water and fluids for municipal and industrial processes,
  • water treatment for building equipment (heating, cooling, etc.),
  • water treatment for swimming pools, outdoor baths and wellness facilities.

Basic information necessary for the selection of a suitable type of the station is as follows: pumped fluid and its quantity, operation types and placement.

Design types:

automated dosing station - AS-DAST
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor

automated dosing station - AS-DAST

  • Connection to the central distribution board
  • Own distribution mini-panel: connection to a 230V receptacle outlet

automated dosing station - AS-DAST

  • Single pump
  • Two pumps

automated dosing station - AS-DAST

  • Monitoring of chemical solution level – float
  • Without float

automated dosing station - AS-DAST

  • With back-pressure valve
  • Without back-pressure valve