AS-FLOT 1 - 10

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For the formation of microbubbles, the AS-FLOT equipment types use a specially designed pump, which sucks-in air automatically during the pumping action. Because of this, no compressor and/or other connected equipment is necessary. Owing to this design, the AS-FLOT units are energetically and operationally undemanding as well as highly reliable.

Principle of the flotation

The flotation technology principle is based on a separation process, which is used for separation of dispersed particles (either solid or fatty matter) from liquids by the use of air microbubbles. During the flotation process, polluting particles are attached to air microbubbles and consequently brought to the water surface together, where they form flotation foam. This foam is subsequently drawn off the water surface by a wiping device. This principle is particularly suitable for cleaning of water types containing fatty substances. The flotation process is efficiency further enhanced by the use of chemical precipitation before the flotation process itself.


  • Meat processing industry
  • Cattle slaughtering
  • Fish processing
  • Dairies
  • Cheese plants
  • Breweries
  • Production of potato chips, etc.


  • Low capital expenditures
  • Quick installation
  • Economical operations – energy savings
  • Smooth formation of air microbubbles
    – no compressor is necessary
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Low operating costs

Flotations unit - parametrs

Container flotation units (capacity: from 1 to 7.5 m 3 /hour)

Up to the capacity of AS-FLOT 7.5, the flotation units can be supplied in a container version – the product type: AS-ISO FLOT. The container is provided with completely installed and interconnected equipment for wastewater pre-treatment operations with the use of the flotation unit. Once the connections among the underground tanks and the container flotation unit are complete, the unit can be operated immediately. Kontejnerová flotační jednotka AS-FLOT Container advantages

  • Compact technological unit
  • Supply of the integrated process in the container - no fixing
    in the field is necessary
  • Suitable solution for space shortage in interiors
  • Simple transport operation
Standard container fittings and mountings

• Flotation unit, incl. accessories
• Mechanical pre-treatment
• Chemical pre-treatment
• Electrical panelboard, incl. control system
Optional equipment possibilities

• Flotation foam withdrawal pump
• Other electrical drives connected to the central panelboard of the
container flotation unit
• Fixtures and fittings for underground tanks (such as screen basket,
pumps, stirrers, strain gauges, etc.)

Container flotation unit - parameters

Design for wastewater pre-treatment by the flotation process

The flotation unit is designed as a part of the wastewater pre-treatment process. An example of the flotation unit use is given in the process flow diagram below.

From the pumping station, wastewater is pumped over the mechanical pre-treatment section to the accumulation tank, where it is homogenised. From the accumulation tank, the water stream is uniformly pumped over the chemical treatment section to the flotation unit. After the chemicals are dosed in, pollutants partially tend to agglomerate (forming the socalled flocculi) that are separated in the flotation unit by air microbubbles and subsequently brought to the water surface as flotation foam.

The flotation foam and sediments from the flotation unit are merged to the sludge tank. The pre-treated water stream from the flotation unit is either discharged into a sewer system or brought to a biological (final) treatment plant.

Flotations unit - scheme