Custom plastic products

Manufacture of atypical, special plastic products according to the customer´s specific requirements. Our experience with the production of all types of plastic products, tanks and components has a history longer twenty years…

ASIO specializes in producing polypropylene and polyethylene custom plastic tanks of various sizes. We have earned a top reputation for providing customized plastic tanks for some customers both at home and international markets.

Our custom tanks are characterized by dimensional changeability, chemical resistance, low weight, color variability, and easy handling during their installations. We design and construct custom holding tanks to meet the most demanding specifications according to the customer needs and requirements.

Our experience with the production of all types of plastic products, tanks and components have a history of over twenty years. We can combine various processes and materials for processing and finishing. We use professional machinery, including CNC technology. Our operators are regularly trained and certified in process engineering and European welding. Thanks to the ISO system in place, the top-quality production is guaranteed to last long.

Over an extensive period, we have supplied equipment complexes and operating facilities for industrial enterprises as well as single plastic components for smaller applications. We also offer turnkey solutions, including design documents and design assessment concerning structural engineering.

Why us?

• Top-quality workmanship of processed materials
• Verified quality and tightness of welds
• Precise workmanship of details
• Product release inspection
• High production capacity of our manufacturing plant, enabling the production of very large assemblies
• Flexible production process and quick response to the customer´s requirements

Solutions we can offer:

• Processing of plastic materials: polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polyethylene, and others,
• CNC production of plastic parts,
• Production of chemically resistant structures and process units,
• Underground and above ground holding tanks,
• Self-supporting (reinforced) tanks as well as tanks intended for concrete encasement,
• Thermal insulation of plastic tanks,
• External and internal reinforcing structures of tanks made of steel sections,
• Structural evaluations of technical designs.

Examples of our previous work:

Water tank Custom tank Chemical tank
Transportation tank Active coal filter Selector tank
Filtration tank Surge tank Trailer tank
Foam tank Neutralization tank Fluidizing box
Scrubber tank Holding tank Liquid distributor tank
Biofilter tank Spray tank Galvanization tank
Storage tank Cartage tank Coach tank
Contact tank Toilet tank Mixing station
Farm tank Pickling tank Pretreatment tank
Conductive plastic tank Fire tank Rinse tank
Double-jacket tank Diesel tank Dripping basin for storage tank of chemical
Rainwater tank Drinking water tank Galvanizing tank