The system of recycling of swimming-pool water is based on own long-term development of membrane and water-purification processes. The development, pilot unit operations, and system simulations under real conditions of swimming pools resulted in the innovative solution called AS-POOLREC.

The AS-POOLREC technology is built on a two-step system of membrane filtration, including several steps of pre-treatment of washing water produced in the pool filtration system. The final product is crystal-clear water meeting all the requirements of Regulation No. 238/2011 Coll., and – in the relevant indicators – also Regulation No. 252/2004 Coll.

Apart from the removal of all bacteria, viruses , and general germs, the  AS-POOLREC recycling  system also provides for sharp decrease in conductivity, concentrations of TOC (Total Organic Carbon), CODMn, nitrogen-containing substances, and overall  water hardness.

Why should be swimming-pool water recycled?

Such an easy question deserves an easy answer – and it is simple: because the recycling of swimming-pool water brings about substantial savings in quantities of consumed water in the operations of public swimming pools  … and this is not all! The AS-POOLREC process of recycling of swimming-pool water sets a new yardstick in the service of water parks, outdoor baths, public swimming pools, and wellness centres. The AS-POOLREC system represents a sophisticated combination of quick return on investment and permanent environmentally friendly approach.

AS-POOLREC advantages

  • Return on investment within two years
  • Improved operational economy of your aqua park, open-air bathing place, wellness centre, ...
  • Fundamental reduction in the quantities of fill/add-up with drinking water or feed water to swimming pools
  • Reduction in costs of heating of swimming-pool water
  • Extended life-time of heat exchanger systems
  • Reduction in quantities of dosed chemicals necessary for swimming pool operations (namely: H2SO4)
  • Limitation of fixed chlorine formation in the swimming pool technology system
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Open-end system with the possibility of utilisation of existing elements
  • The system can be constructed in a container design
  • Fully automated system with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Possibility of pilot operations before the very installation
  • Process supervision
  • First class workmanship and components - GRUNDFOS, CALPEDA pumps, FIP piping system, PLC SIEMENS, DOW/INGE membranes, and GREISINGER transducers
  • References in the Czech Republic as well as abroad
  • Also possible in the container design
  • Fully compatible remote control & management

Standard control system

  • Automatic / manual regimes of all components
  • Flowrate measurements (at feed/discharge)
  • pH of feed and discharge, conductivity level
  • Indicators for accumulated water volume
  • Component lifetime indications (in hours)
  • Graphic presentation of operational regimes/conditions
  • Alarms, statistics, accesses
  • Pressure values on feed, operations, and discharge
  • Online trans-membrane pressures
  • Water temperature measurements

 ASIO TECH will provide you

  • Field trips round the systems built by us (our references)
  • Pre-design study, enumeration of return on investments
  • Pilot operations at your place with our own pilot unit
  • Detailed design documents
  • Negotiations with the relevant governmental authorities
  • Complete supply of process equipment
  • Laboratory analyses, complex testing
  • Interconnection with the local instrumentation systems
  • System commissioning and tuning
  • Process supervision after the system commissioning
  • Servicing contract and supplies of chemicals
  • System optimisation in case of changes of operating conditions