Application of innovated reverse osmosis

The project „Application of innovated reverse osmosis“ under acronyme Lars is solved under financial support from the Ministry of Industry and the Trade through grant programme Aplikace in 2018 - 2019.

The reverse osmosis process represents pressure demineralization process that is widely commercially used especially in water treatment (purifying potable water, water well, surface water, brackish and seawater). Technology produces permeate (treated demi water) and concentrate (concentrate of removed salts). Integrated technological solution includes also necessary pre-treatment based on the inlet water quality. It includes also post-treatment, if all requested parameters are not achieved solely by reverse osmosis. Integrated technology can be characterized as follows: pre-treatment + reverse osmosis + post-treatment.

This integration step can be combined with other technologies into overall technical solution that is able to achieve high efficiency (more than 90%) with optimum parameters for investment and operational costs and minimum footprint of the final solution.

The main aim is to design integrated technological units based on reverse osmosis with high efficiency over 90% with optimum and competitive parameters of operational and investment costs and minimum footprint contrary to the recent technological solutions.

Minor project aims:

  • Development of the product range including pre-treatment + reverse osmosis + post-treatment of this integrated technology with the capacity from 0.5 m3/h to 20 m3/h of the inlet water to achieve final product quality from 20 μS/cm to 2 μS/cm.
  • Examination of the possible energetic cost savings of those low-capacity products more than 20%
  • Laboratory pilot-plant unit commissioning at the two testing sites
  • Verification of technological solution with reverse osmosis efficiency over 90% with case study elaboration

ASIO Ltd. is the project coordinator. LARS Chemie, spol. s r.o. represents end-user in the project.

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