Solutions for family houses and stand-alone building structures

In sanitary solutions for family houses, it is advisable to issue from concrete local conditions ‑ i.e. habitation character, hydrogeological, morphological conditions, possibilities of water draining to water streams, etc. In addition, it is possible to reflect, at the same time, the developer possibilities in terms of social aspects and additional comfort. Based on the above stated, short‑ or long-term solutions are considered as the most suitable processes in terms of costs and exigence for attendance activities or, as the case may be, other aspects. Frequently, it is necessary to take into account planned developments in water mains and sewer systems, even though a concrete ideal solution might not be in compliance with such plans.

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Municipality solutions ‑ for municipalities and cities

Usually, such solutions issue from a concept prepared by a designer with regard to an urban general plan, or a river basin plan, etc. Very often, the wastewater treatment is represented by a mechanical‑biological treatment plant which is, in some cases, extended with membrane separation sections. Utilisation of treated and recycled water is sometimes also considered. Therefore, our offer contains complete containerised treatment plants as well as individual products both for treatment plants and sewer systems (grease intercepting traps, separators of light liquids, pumping shafts, measuring points). In relation to the carbon footprint minimisation (reductions in electricity consumption), extensive natural solutions combined with several type structures will make their way increasingly into the practice.

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Industrial solutions

In this segment, the processes with a minimum production of sludge are progressively used ‑ i.e. membranes including ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis offering possibilities also for water recycling. However, conventional processes based on chemical precipitation or flotation techniques are continuously used as well. In relation to the carbon footprint minimisation, even extensive natural solutions as well as solutions, where no wastewater would be necessarily discharged at all (the so‑called “Zero Liquid Discharge”), will come to practice gradually. The wastewater minimisation processes, or wastewater utilisation as fertilizers (soil enrichment with carbon) etc., including water accumulation and purification, including rainwater, are used already for agricultural purposes.

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