Produits en acier inoxydable en général

Afin d'améliorer la qualité et l'usage des stations d'épuration et des équipements de gestion de l'eau, faits de plastique, nous utilisons des pièces en acier inoxydable dans les endroits soumis à de fortes charges…

To enhance the quality and utility of treatment plants and water management equipment that are made of plastic, we use stainless steel parts in places subject to high loads.

To our traditonal plastic products we are adding stainless steel products. Besides standard parts as accessories to plastic devices, we also offer complete products on request.

Standard parts
- Shafts and moving parts
- Clamps and hinges
- Overflow edges
- Sluice valves and closing valves
- Covers and lids
- Reinforcing frames
- Brackets
- Pipeline parts, supports, suspensions
- Scum-boards
- Troughs

Individual products
- Rectangular pressureless tanks up to the size of
- 1,500 x 1,500 x 3,000 mm
- 1,250 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm
- Cylindrical pressure tanks up to the size of O 950 mm, height 3,000 mm
- Custom-made tanks of other shapes
- Separators of various types
- Stripping columns
- Individual tank inserts, etc.

Other products
- Lids
- Steps
- Staircases
- Railings
- Ladders
- Handles
- Gratings
- Ventilation outlet

Quality Stainless steel of the DIN 1.4301 standard is used (other qualities of steel can also be used, as requested).

Surface finished by pickling or sanding with a standard conservation or colourless paint treatment.

Welding technology - We normally use TIG for quality aesthetic welds (the MIG method for the other technological welds). To prevent the “carbonization” of welds, we do not use a protective CO2 atmosphere, but a combined ARGON+HELIUM atmosphere.