Dispositif avec un contrôle entièrement automatisé, une surveillance combinée avec une pompe et un panneau de contrôle pour l’utilisation de l'eau de pluie et de l'eau potable…

The optimized rainwater station for single-family dwellings

The AS-RAINMASTER ECO is a fully automatic, operating and monitoring station combining pump, controller and built-in mains water top-up. It can easily be installed in the basement, garage or in the ground floor utility room of any single-family dwelling. The rainwater is pumped from a tank via a suction hose and is used internally for toilet flushing, in the washing machine and externally for watering the garden. If the supply of rainwater or greywater runs low then the AS-RAINMASTER ECO automatically switches to mains water top up, so you’re never out of water.

The most economical rain water system in the world

On average, the INTEWA AS-RAINMASTER ECO effectively saves more than 75% power. INTEWA has come to a new, smart way with the AS-RAINMASTER ECO. The performance of the AS-RAINMASTER ECO Diaphragm pump is perfectly designed for typical household use.

Economical water saving

The environmental benefit of the rainwater and greywater harvesting cannot be doubted. The AS-RAINMASTER ECO now helps in a multitude of ways to make rainwater harvesting more attractive. The significantly lower energy consumption and significantly reduced system price, compared to other rainwater systems, leads to a positive overall balance. Now rainwater and greywater harvesting can be practiced economically in several regions with the AS-RAINMASTER ECO.

Whisper-quiet use

A multiple setting centrifugal pump creates a noise level of around 65 dB (A). The AS-RAINMASTER ECO is whisper quiet at around just 48 dB (A). This represents a 50% reduction in noise emission. In the past, the noise created by a rainwater harvesting pump was so high that it was almost impossible to install indoors. All this has changed with

Attractive design and well-planned ergonomics

The AS-RAINMASTER ECO Rainwater system looks elegant.

Technical details

Easy to assemble, install and maintain

The AS-RAINMASTER ECO is easy to assemble. The AS-RAINMASTER ECO is designed for wall mounting. The diaphragm pump (which can function dry) requires no initial filling of the pump. This makes the start-up operation very easy.

Rainwater harvesting system combinations

The AS-RAINMASTER ECO can be used with almost all tanks and greywater systems and is an ideal installation in new buildings and in older single family dwellings undergoing renovation.The AS-RAINMASTER ECO can be used with almost all tanks and greywater systems and is an ideal installation in new buildings and in older single family dwellings undergoing renovation.

The AS-RAINMASTER ECO can also be used with greywater systems or other water systems.

AS-RAINMASTER ECO - využívání dešťové a pitné vody AS-RAINMASTER ECO - pro využívání dešťové a pitné vody

Safety first

The AS-RAINMASTER ECO pump, controller and float switch are run from a 24V low voltage supply for added safety. The power supply has all the necessary internationally recognized test certificates. Alternatively, the AS-RAINMASTER ECO can also be run directly off a DC supply, such as a 24 V battery system from a photovoltaic system. The DVGW-certified AS-RAINMASTER ECO features the required “air gap”. Regulations state that mains water and processed water should never come in contact with each other for reasons of hygiene. In this sense, the AS-RAINMASTER ECO fulfills the world’s highest safety standards.


The AS-RAINMASTER ECO-FS is a separate fill level indicator for installation in the AS-RAINMASTER ECO. Floating suction filter Intake hose


The AS-RAINMASTER ECO is saving water in increasingly more countries throughout the world. During the first year, more than 1500 satisfied customers saved a huge amount of water and power by installing AS-RAINMASTER ECO systems.