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Foto: TOP 100 MARTIN Membrane Systems AG

TOP 100 MARTIN Membrane Systems AG

Recently, we have been pleased with enjoyable news informing us that our major supplier of membrane modules was awarded by the prestigious Innovation Award, ... more
Foto: ASIO is an innovative company

ASIO is an innovative company

Although this statement has been regularly heard in the introductions of our seminars, now we have this fact confirmed and even awarded. more


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WWTP for mountain chalet in Alps

ASIO Company commissioned its highest placed membrane wastewater treatment plant. The project solves wastewater treatment in mountain chalet Marinelli ... more

Do not buy a dehydrator in a poke!

Do you wish to dewater the sludge formed in your workplace or treatment plant? Do you wish to make sure that your type of sludge can be easily dewatered? We ... more


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