The wide range of products offered is used in the treatment of effluents from individual or collective housing, villages, municipalities, hospitals and various branches of industrial activity.

ASIO NEW, spol. s ro is present in 32 countries through a wide network of subsidiaries and representatives. In addition to quality products, ASIO has built a sales and service network not only in the Czech Republic but also in many European countries. All the companies working so closely together are united in Asiogroup. The organization has adopted the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and complies with the quality policy and the environmental policy. In the field of research and development, it collaborates with numerous institutes and universities, such as the school of civil engineering and the universities of biotechnology and chemistry.

ASIO NEW, spol. s ro and its employees are members of various sectoral professional associations (e.g. Czech Water Association -CzWA- Association of Manufacturers of Thermoplastic Structures -AVKt- Technical Commission for Standardization -UNMZ- etc.) which are involved in the elaboration and amendments aimed at harmonizing Czech and European texts.

The objective of the company is to offer, in the field of water and air treatment, a complete service of modern, efficient, high quality products, respecting the requirements of European legislation and high quality. environmental and going ahead of the demands of our customers who are looking for simple, fast, top quality and environmentally friendly services.


Costil Clément
236 route de Bel Air
69830 Saint Georges de Reneins
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Registered office

ASIO NEW, spol. s ro, Kšírova 552/45, 619 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Antonin Vondruška
Telephones: +420 545 423 536
Mobile:+420 606 758 677
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Intracom VAT CZ29303125

2022 turnover: 13.5 mil. EUR

Number of employees:
ASIO: 90
ASIOgroup (production): 125