Reverse Osmosis

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Our reverse osmosis systems are made precisely in accordance with the customer’s specifications. Their design enables the use of water from various sources, e.g., potable, service, wastewater, etc.
Reverse osmosis stations are employed for the preparation of demineralized water for industrial use. The reverse osmosis technology is environmentally friendly, i.e., no chemicals are required for the regeneration or neutralization of wastewater. Its advantages are low spatial demands, low operating costs, low maintenance costs, and easy operation.

Water treated in an RO station is desalinated with 95 - 99% effectiveness. All the technological elements of the demineralization station are installed in a frame welded of steel profiles and ensure all functions necessary for the reliable and long-term operation of the station. The built-in automatic control unit evaluates the output conductivity and controls the operation of the demineralization station. The limit value of output conductivity is adjustable.

At the station outlet, the permeate quality of approx. 15 - 20 μS/cm can be achieved; if the customer requires a better outlet water quality, selective membrane modules with a higher rejection rate will be used. If very pure water is required (e.g., feed water for boilers, rinsing water for the electrical industry, etc.), the station may be supplemented with a demineralization column filled with mixed bed ion exchange resin, which will achieve a further reduction of conductivity.

Requirements for input water:
• Input water temperature: 15 - 25°C; it manifests optimum effectiveness at 25°C
• Input water pressure: 2 - 6 bar, the operation pressure depends on the application
• Maximum content of iron and manganese: 0.15 mg/l
• Maximum content of active chlorine: 0.1 mg/l
• Max. SDI value: 5.0
• pH value: 2-11

In case of unfavourable input water values, adequate suitable pre-treatment must be included.

Reverse osmosis – production range

Performance range of the RO systems of ASIO, spol. s r.o.:

Type Permeate quantity [l/h]
AS-RO 100 100 – 500
AS-RO 500 500 – 1000
AS-RO 1000 1000 – 10000
Surface water Semi-salt water Sea water
Dissolved substances < 1500 ppm < 8000 ppm 35000 - 45000 ppm
Yield 80 % 65 – 80 % 35 – 45 %
Operation pressure < 15 bar 15 – 25 bar 50 – 75 bar
Flux 30 - 35 l/h.m 2 25 - 30 l/h.m 2 15 - 20 l/h.m 2
El. power input at 25 °C < 0,75 kWh/m 3 1,5 kWh/m 3 5 kWh/m 3
Design Elements installed on a stainless-steel frame structure

The equipment consists of the following elements:
- Protective 5 μm filter in the water supply
- Manometer before and after the protective filter
- Pressure switch for the feed pressure
- Working pump to increase the pressure
- Wound membranes in a laminate pressure housing (module)
- Manometer before and after the module (in concentrate)
- Permeate conductivity sensor
- Permeate and concentrate flow meter
- Manual valves for pressure control (concentrate return line) and drainage (concentrate drain)