Un dispositif de détection unique, conçu pour détecter la présence de substances d'huile à la surface de l'eau. L'appareil a été testé en collaboration avec l'Institut J. Heyrovský de Prague…

A unique detection device designed to detect the presence of oil substances on water surfaces. The device was tested in cooperation with the J. Heyrovský Institute in Prague.

The device can be used both in industry (power production, oil management, etc.) and in oil separators, as a monitoring and safety system.

Equipment description

The device consists of a sensor with the dimensions of 80 x 65 x 95 mm, an evaluation device with the dimensions of 125 x 114 x 174 mm, and an outlet for the installation of a signalling unit (bell, light).


The device immediately registers the presence of an oil layer on the surface (e.g., it registers a layer of the thickness of 0.1 mm within 0.3 s). The registration is based on the principle of the measurement of the electrochemical phenomena occurring at the phase boundary (patent protected).


The above-mentioned principle enables reliable and almost maintenance-free operation. Its installation is simple and the device can be installed in an explosive environment. Thanks to the dimensions of the sensor, the device can be installed in places such as wells or branch pipes.

Product versions

The basic type, AS-DETECTOIL, is designed for normal needs, e.g., as an accessory for oil separators, etc.

The extended type AS-DETECTOIL PROFI is designed for industrial plants and places where 100% monitoring needs to be ensured. The PROFI type - eliminates erroneous measurements automatically.

Design - with a 220V/50 Hz mains connection