A device that is steadily growing in popularity is the automatic grease trap. It is a mechanical grease trap consisting of a plastic or stainless-steel waterproof tank with a system of scum-boards and partitions, supplemented with a system that is capable of automatic or semi-automatic cleaning. It means that sludge can be removed without directly opening the trap. Everything can work simply on the basis of the connection of a suction vehicle to a quick-connection coupling, which is installed on the external façade of the building. Therefore, this system is mainly used in places where the opening of the trap may cause hygienic problems, i.e., in restaurants, fast-food shops, kitchen facilities, and meat and meat product processing plants.

In the case of increased requirements for outflow parameters, the use of a combination of traps with biological cleaning, coagulation, flotation, or electro-flotation can be considered. In such cases you should take into account whether the effect expressed by capturing several grams of grease a year will be worth a considerable increase in operating costs. Reducing the concentration of non-polar extractable substances will pay off in the case of major producers, where the production of wastewater steeply increases and thus the final balance of pollution as well. In such cases, using a new technology, the SFT filter, is appropriate, but we will talk about that later.

Automatic grease trap with sludge extraction

Type Nom. size Dimension Tank height Min. pipeline profile Inlet height Outlet height Weight Total concrete volume
AS FAKU ... [NS] Ø / L x W [mm] H [mm] DN [mm] Hv [mm] Ho [mm] [kg] [m 3 ]
2 FOZ 2 Ø 1200 1500 100 1090 1020 550 1,1
4 FOZ 4 Ø 1600 1600 100 1190 1120 620 2,2
5 FOZ 5 Ø 1800 1600 125 1190 1120 690 2,8
7 FOZ 7 Ø 2000 1700 125 1290 1220 750 3,8
8 FOZ 8 Ø 2100 1700 150 1290 1220 830 4,2
10 FOZ 10 3500 x 1500 1600 150 1250 1180 1450 5,3
15 FOZ 15 3500 x 2000 1820 200 1470 1400 1650 8,7