Stormwater Management

Photo: Stormwater Management for Family Houses

Stormwater Management for Family Houses

Rainwater may sometimes bring an opportunity, at other times a problem. In our offer, you will find solution for both cases. Plastic tanks are used for rainwater storage and its subse-quent use (non-drinking water); drainage systems provide for removal of rainwater from hard surfaces (e.g. car park drainage) or they support rainwater quick soaking.

Photo: Stormwater Management and Land Drainage

Stormwater Management and Land Drainage

Inappropriate solutions for rainwater soakaway and drainage may cause serious problems. This particularly applies to cities and municipalities responsible for managing of roads, carparks, lay-by areas or other hard and/or grass-covered surfaces. At the same time, there are simple draining systems that help to solve easily the problems connected with carpark water draining or rainwater soakaway. Underground plastic tanks are ideal for the purposes of consequent water management and its storage, where rainwater from stormwater sewers is collected in such easily connected tanks.