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Polypropylene Pickling Tanks

It is a robust plastic structure, which is evidenced by the fact that the tank contains a solution of 20% acid at temperatures reaching even the level of 80 0C.

30. 4. 2023

More urban green spaces? ... (climbing street) AS-SMART TREE

From 30 to 31 August 2022, the first installation of climbing plant, AS-SMART TREE Singapore, in the Czech Republic, at a public area of the city development of the Capital City of Prague, took place.

19. 9. 2022

ASIO Celebrates 25 Years

This vision was always important to us – see the graphic presentation and the words TRUST - PROFESSIONALISM – RESPONSIBILITY underneath. In particular, the term TRUST was an essential issue for us.

Project Circular Agronomics

Asio is the member of consortia of the European project aiming to find circular economy solutions in the carbon and nutrient cycle and management.

Circular solutions for carbon and nutrient management

ASIO TECH is the member of the project Circular Agronomics which aims to find new practical ways to promote the sustainable circular management of nutrients and carbon throughout the whole agri-food chain.

ASIO is an innovative company

Although this statement has been regularly heard in the introductions of our seminars, now we have this fact confirmed and even awarded.

ASIO TECH and HSBR represent in Áraktö (Hungary)

As the Ice Hockey World Championship has been cancelled, and while Giro d´Italia and even the Summer Olympic Games were postponed until later, the impossibility to represent the Czech Republic in many sports is a very frustrating affair. Therefore, the point is to focus to our technical feats abroad, beyond our now closed borders.

Saltwater pools

The Saltwater swimming pool Project is focused on saltwater management, treatment, cleaning and water reuse.

Boarding house Bouda Malá Úpa

The boarding house of “Bouda Malá Úpa” is situated directly in the centre of the municipality of Horní Malá Úpa, at a distance of some 100 metres from the Pomezky ski resort (1,050 metres above sea level).

Grease trap AS-FAKU FOZ

Mechanical grease trap consisting of a plastic or stainless-steel waterproof tank with a system of scum-boards and partitions, supplemented with a system that is capable of automatic or semi-automatic cleaning.

ASIO received awards at the International Association for the IWA Project - Brno Reservoir

Honour Award - Precipitation of phosphates at the inlet stream Into Brno reservior leading to the elimination of cyanobacterial proliferation

Presentation of ASIO, spol. s r.o. at the Czech Embassy in Belgrade

The presentation of ASIO, spol. s r.o. on the topic of “Technologies of Industrial Wastewater Treatment “ took place at the Czech Embassy in Belgrade.

IFAT 2016

The IFAT in Munich will start on May 30th. We invite you to visit the world’s leading exhibition on environmental technology offering innovative ideas for a clean world, worth living in.

Webinar "WWTP AS-HSBR as a process built-in section for concrete pre-fab tanks"

A free webinar prepared for you on the topic "WWTP AS-HSBR as a process built-in section for concrete pre-fab tanks".

TOP 100 MARTIN Membrane Systems AG

Recently, we have been pleased with enjoyable news informing us that our major supplier of membrane modules was awarded by the prestigious Innovation Award, which placed the company among the TOP 100 Innovative Companies in Germany.

TOP MSP 2013

The ASIO, spol. s.r.o. Company ranked among the top ten in the “TOP MSP 2013” best small and medium-sized company competition, which is held annually by the Regional Economic Chamber, Brno in cooperation with the City of Brno.

ASIO as part of European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water Action Group: ARREAU (Accelerating Resource Recovery from Water Cycle)

European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water is a relatively new instrument of European Commission, more precisely Europe 2020 Strategy.

ASIO scored in the Equa bank Family Company of the Year 2020 competition

ASIO won the award "Family Company of the Year" in the Equa bank Family Company of the Year 2020 competition. We have prepared a short video.

International Workshop 2016

The traditional workshop was organised by ASIO spol. s .r.o. for our foreign partners.