Boarding house Bouda Malá Úpa

All the year round, the boarding house is suitable for family holidays with children. It can offer twenty fully-furnished apartments, a sauna, a whirlpool bath and a restaurant with a crèche. As a matter of course, the boarding house is equipped with its own car park. In the autumn of 2016, the house facilities have been extended with a fitness centre plus a swimming pool with a large whirlpool bath. In addition, some background facilities have been also constructed. Furthermore, the building’s owner pays a special attention to the economic aspects of his business, which resulted in the construction of a  greywater treatment plant collecting waste water from showers, sinks and baths and using it, after the purification treatment, for flushing of toilets, irrigation and house cleaning purposes.

Boarding house Bouda Malá Úpa

Review of the most important parameters:

Daily savings: 4m 3 of drinking water
Total annual savings (drinking water): 1,460 m 3 (4 x 365 days)
2016 price of drinking water in Malá Úpa: CZK 102.13 per m 3
Total annual savings (minus operating expenses): CZK 133,430.00
Simple rate of return: 3.5 years

greywater treatment plant

Ing. Vladimír Jirmus