TOP 100 MARTIN Membrane Systems AG

Recently, we have been pleased with enjoyable news informing us that our major supplier of membrane modules was awarded by the prestigious Innovation Award, which placed the company among the TOP 100 Innovative Companies in Germany because of its new innovated membrane module (lower weight, improved flow-through-filter properties), exactly at the time of the completion and commissioning of its new, fully-automated production plant. For those who do not understand German – i.e. the Professor Dohnan’s speech in the video clip – we would like to mention that Martin Systems is the oldest and longest-working company in the sphere of membranes for municipal facilities (1988). The end of the video clip is then in English, but even from the recording it is obvious how the new manufacturing capacity looks like:

It is interesting that a similar production unit has been also opened by MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH, practically the biggest competitor on the market of membrane modules. This means that a large production capacity of modules for MBR is now available on the European market and as a result, further development of MBR technology and its competitive strength can be expected …

Dipl.-Ing. Karel Plotěný