Mechanical pre-treatment equipment AS-TRASH SCREENS

Type range of products suitable for mechanical pre-treatment of rainwater or wastewater…

One of the most important factors of long service life of water management installations is their protection against trash and debris that may cause their clogging, fouling or damage to important equipment parts. Manually raked screens are suitable for conventional treatment plants, vegetation (root) units, pumping stations and other sections of sewer systems as their pre-treatment stages.

Manually raked screens consist of an inclined screen grill fixed in a plastic box, which is subsequently installed to an open rectangular-section sewer. The rakings trapped on the grill are pushed up by a manually-operated rake hook to a crosswise shallow though with a perforated bottom.


  • Pre-treatment stage for biological treatment plants
  • Pre-treatment stage for root treatment plants
  • Coarse pre-treatment upstream another filtration equipment
  • Suitable for by-pass systems
  • Upstream installations for various water handling systems (pumping station, storm-water retention tanks, …)


  • Stainless steel design of the screens (Grade 1.4301)
  • Possibility of direct installations to a concrete trough or with the supply in plastic box for the connection to pipework
  • Cost-effective operations without power supply
  • Protection of sewer system equipment and extension of their lifetime


Note: The thrash screen can be also custom-made according to individual requirements and adequate dimensions.