Fully automatic, control and operating system, with pump, control and automatic mains water refill for rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling. Rainwater systems for larger dwellings, multi family homes, commercial properties and industrial application…

The AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT models 20 and 40 feature automatic operating and monitoring stations with pump, controller and built-in mains water supply. They can be wall mounted in a small space. The water is drawn by the pump from the tank, via an intake suction hose. It can be used for supplying a number of consumers, either within or outside the building, such as for flushing toilets, in washing machines, irrigation and cleaning systems, cooling systems and for other purposes. If insufficient rainwater or greywater is available, then the AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT 20 and 40 units automatically provide consumers with an integrated, certified supplemental supply of mains water to do the job.

Designed for your various needs, you can use the AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT models in a number of combinations:

  • AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT 20 / 40 Affordable standard version. Here, the control takes place via a pressure and flow control device.
  • AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT 20 SC / 40 SC In place of the pressure and flow control device, the new RAINMASTER Favorit SC is equipped with a speed controller.
  • 2-3 x AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC For larger commercial applications, where pumping reliability and consistency is a must, the speed-controlled AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC can be used.

Minimum power consumption, silent, durable

The INTEWA AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT Favorit SC meets the strictest efficiency standards of the European Ecodesign Directive for Energy utilizing products (EuP). The speed controller regulates the flow rate of the AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC rainwater system as per your actual needs. Since on most occasions, there are usually only a few consumers simultaneously using water, it is possible to save up to 40% power by using a speed controller.

One AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC unit emits a sound level of only 45 dBA during the filling of a toilet, compared to 75 dBA by an uncontrolled rainwater system. The low speeds, at which the speed-controlled rain water systems predominantly work, lead to significantly less wear and tear on the electronic components and the pump. This increases the durability and operational lifetime of the system by approximately 40%.

Best operational performance with redundancy

Several AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT Favorit rainwater systems, connected in parallel, can communicate with one another by means of a Bluetooth controller. For properties that require a particularly large flow, or if extremely high demands are placed on the system where pumping reliability and consistency are necessary, up to three AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC units can be installed in parallel. The brilliance of this system is that the every individual. AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC unit works together via Bluetooth controller with the group on the one hand and works completely selfsufficient on the other hand. Conventional multiple pump systems have only one control and mains water supply. Should this unit fail, the entire building does not receive any water. In contrast, each AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC has a separate controller as well as a separate mains water supply. Should one unit fail, then the other systems continue to work independently supplying water, so that the building never runs out. An all round superior system.

Technical details:

Easy to assemble, install and maintain

The AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT rainwater stations are easy to install. They are delivered with flexible hoses for mains and pressure side connection and shut-off valves.

Separation between mains water and processed water

The DVGW-certified AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT rainwater system features the required “air gap” separating mains water from rainwater. The socalled “air gaps AA and AB” are the only ones approved for supply of back-up mains water during water shortages, as per the European standard EN1717. Regulations state that mains water and processed water should never come in contact with each other for reasons of hygiene. In this sense, the AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT complies with the worlds highest safety standards.

Installation with system

AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT models are installed in the basement, garage or in the utility room and can be combined with any tank. Depending on the project size, the parallel connection of 1 to 3 AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC units is possible.


To follow, you will find a small selection of reference projects, where INTEWA AS-RAINMASTER FAVORIT and the INTEWA Multiple pump systems have been installed.

AS-RAINMASTER - reference