Research and Development Division of ASIO spol. s r.o. develops and optimizes processes and products for the business areas of water treatment, wastewater treatment and odour treatment. We combine the highest scientific quality of applied research with professional know-how in our fields of competence – Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction Works always with a view to economic efficiency and sustainability. Our strengths lie in offering complete solutions from laboratory to pilot plant scale.
Výzkum a vývoj
The constructive interplay of the various disciplines at our institute opens up new approaches in areas such as circular economy, nanotechnology, advanced oxidation processes, Internet of Things and other modern and innovative technologies applicable for water and wastewater treatment. We cooperate with numerous national and international universities, research organizations and innovative companies via research projects. Project outputs are subject of technological transfer into company portfolio. The utmost importance is dedicated to business applied research, rendition of services, design and built-up of highly sophisticated prototypes and pilot-plants for various industries. We own novel fully equipped industrial laboratory, production and testing hall to provide complex services for our customers.
R&D Division employees are active in national and European professional platforms – e.g. EIP Water, EIP ArreauWater Reuse Board, Czech Phosphorus Platform and Czech Water Association. ASIO innovation activities have been honoured by victory in Czech Innovation Award in 2014 and third place in 2015.