The project “Application of nanobubble aeration in water and wastewater treatment” No. 03AGJj is solved with the financial support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic within The Operational Program Technologies and Application for Competitiveness (OP TAC) 2021 – 2027, Proof of Concept – First call.

The project aims to conduct a feasibility study for applying nanobubble aeration in selected water and wastewater treatment segments, namely: flotation, air supply for the activation process, recirculating aquaculture systems, and ozone dissolution. The nanobubble technology will be verified in a laboratory scale, where the main performance and technological indicators such as pollutant removal efficiency, operational and installation costs in comparison to conventional aeration processes will be critically evaluated. Nanobubble detection and quantification will be performed with sophisticated methods using specific instruments.

The benefit for the company will be to gain know-how of nanobubble aeration and its application potential in various water management segments. In case of a positive result of the feasibility study, the company will strive to replace existing types of aeration with nanobubbles. Assumingly, the change will bring an added value to the company orders in terms of energy savings and carbon footprint reduction of the technological solutions. 

The project is solved by the company ASIO TECH, spol. s r.o. in the period from 4/2023 to 12/2024.

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